The Office

“3DA endeavors to merge art with the science behind interior design, and strives to imbue in the interiors a uniqueness that makes it stand out from the mundane and ordinary.”

At the core of the firm lies the CAD Design Studio wherein the interior designs are conceived and developed on state‐of‐art computers. The Studio comprises of some fine and accomplished young Architects and Interior Designers who take care of design related decisions. The designs then are further developed & rendered in photo‐realistic computer‐generated 3-D walkthrough videos and pictures, wherein projects undergo detailed analysis of finer design considerations of Persona/Identity, Color, Texture, etc.

The Design Studio is headed by Ar. Nitin Sharma, Founder and Principal Architect. Having been exposed to artistic creativity from childhood through his parents (renowned artist and musician Shri S. Krishan Sharma and renowned Indian classical dancer Smt. Santosh Sharma), he has incorporated the same learnings into his practice by treating the spaces as empty canvases, filling them with a uniqueness reminiscent of art. After completing his Bachelors in Architecture from IIT Roorkee, he founded 3DA in 1990. He believes in embracing the latest technology and practices worldwide and has made 3DA to be cognizant with cutting edge software and hardware technology as well as the latest architectural and interior design trends and materials as construction technologies, allowing the firm to always remain one step ahead of the curve.

Working in unison with the Design Studio is the Project Management Wing, dealing with comprehensive Project Management Services ranging from pre‐constructional Cost analyses, Quantitative Surveys, Tendering, Network Planning, Time & Resource Scheduling, Quality Control & Cash Flow Monitoring through methods of PERT and C.P.M.

The Fine Art Wing comprises of accomplished artists with signature Murals and Paintings have adorned some of our interior projects and rendered them immensely valuable. The firm buys extensively from various Art Galleries paintings, artefacts and Art‐Deco items for adorning its interiors projects.

3DA has a flexible and broad approach to all elements of Interior design making it one of the leading interior design firms in India, one which believes in tailoring each commission to reflect individuality and create designs that compliment client persona and are custom tailored to project-specific requirements.



With 25+ years of experience.


3DA invited to Mahindra Confluence 2019
3DA enters Bahá’í House of Worship Design Competition
Ar. Nitin Sharma, Principal Architect, 3DA judged Acetech 2015 Grandstand Awards, New Delhi