Modern Interior Decoration – 10 Ideas For Your Home

All of us wish to live in the homes of our dreams, with beautiful modern interiors, luxurious rooms, good ornamentation and interior decoration but often times we get lost while searching for the ‘ideal’ way to go about home interior design and get confused on which aspects to prioritize and elements to take in; which changes make the most difference and which the least. This is because, the internet is inundated with knowledge from a wealth of sources, from images and pictures on Pinterest and Google Images on modern home design, interior decorating ideas, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies, etc. You name it, and they have it. Under normal circumstances this would be advantageous, but in the domain of interior design, it is said that “Too many cooks spoil the broth”.

Here is where we would like to help you out; our article on How to Easily Design Amazing Modern Interiors of your home – 10 Interesting ideas of Home Decoration provides 10 Home Decoration ideas that are easy to implement; more often than not you will find that you already have the necessary ingredients or raw materials and only need to use them in the correct manner!

Such Home Decoration ideas make use of existing furniture in new ways, whether it be modern or classical in nature, wallpapers to liven spaces, natural light in adding beauty to spaces, strategic placement of plants to liven rooms, paintings and artworks to add sophistry and elegance, mirrors to increase visual perception of size of spaces, bookshelves, carpets, specific selection of certain colors of paints for desired effects and certain choices of materials such as wood for flooring for increasing value of spaces.

These Home Decoration ideas have been elaborated upon further in the article with relevant reference pictures as well as specific areas of use for best effects:-

1. Mix Old & New Décor.


Furniture is an integral part of modern interior decoration. Not only does it majorly impact the overall look of a space, but also forms a substantial part of the total cost spent in interior decorating a home. Therefore, careful selection of furniture is required such that it complements the other elements of the design such as wall, floor and ceiling treatments.

A common technique among architects and interior designers when designing spaces is the use of ‘contrast’ and ‘focal point’.

Contrast is using two differing styles such that they appear distinctly from each other but when viewed together impart a complexity and elegance to the overall view. Not only that but it also makes natural ‘focal points of interest’ as our eyes tend to identify the styles easily at a distance. Here is where mixing old and new styles together can make a tremendous difference; simply by having them together breaks the monotony and dull character and makes the space dynamic.

Here is a simple way to do this.

 Using classical furniture in a modern space, for example minimalistic allows variety to be experienced in the space, as well as the furniture serving as natural focal point of interest and adds contrast. The best part about this is that for people shifting to a new home having existing furniture such as old tables, sofas, chairs, beds, etc. from our previous homes, there is no need to sell them as they can be reused in a beneficial way. Not only that, but it also reduces the cost of new interior decorations making the whole project more cost-effective.

Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Neoclassical Living / Dining Room. The chairs, wall panels and sofas bear ornamentation reminiscent of antique styles and catch our attention first upon looking at the image. Despite not being in contrast they do serve as focal points of interest and also add to the overall modern look of the space despite being classical in nature.


Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Dark patterned wallpaper in bedroom contrasting white furniture and ceiling. It is discernible from first glance that the wallpaper is a visually striking feature in the view and takes a lot of our attention.


2. Use Wallpaper to liven spaces.


Often times, we adopt a minimalistic style or a clutter-free style in our rooms, either by choice for giving it a touch of modernism, or by circumstance to a lack of budget to indulge in other furniture, artworks, etc. In either case, such scenarios can sometimes make spaces appear dull and boring and it is necessary that some interesting elements are added to it to create places of interest.

Wallpapers allow spaces to be more complex and vibrant, adding luxury and elegance in a cost-effective manner.

Here is a guide by ‘homedit’ on selection of wallpapers for different room.

3. Keep large windows especially in the Drawing / Living Room to allow natural light to come in.


Light is one of the 7 elements of interior design.

It is essential for amplifying the beauty of any space, and we spend huge amounts of money on illumination and artificial lighting such as LED Strips, bulbs, tube lights, etc.; but we often forget the greatest supplier of light – The Sun.

Natural light is available freely and the best way to maximize its use yields the best results. The best place to obtain the full extent of its benefits is the living / drawing room, since they are spaces which need:-

a) Illumination for furniture.

b) Exterior views.

Having large windows solves both these problems as well as, if designed correctly, serves on its own as a design element.

Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Large Windows for White Living Room. The simplistic design gels well with the overall simplistic temperament of the space.


4. Use plants, especially in kitchen, drawing room and washroom.


We as humans are intrinsically inclined to appreciate nature. Therefore, we should make an effort to include it in our home interior design wherever possible.

Plants allow spaces to look full and interesting, especially in an inexpensive manner.

Commonly they find use in living / drawing rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Hang paintings, murals or other pieces of art on the walls.


Who doesn’t appreciate good art?

Often times, we see walls left plain and unadorned. What we do not realize that walls are also a premier aspect of interior design and that they are viewed just as often as furniture. We should aim to use every inch of ‘interiors’ that is possible, and paintings and artworks are a very good way of doing so.

It is not necessary to always buy artworks or paintings, ‘home-made or personally made artworks’ are just as attractive and visually appealing as professional artworks.

Remember that the art should be of the right size and scale, and should not be overwhelmingly put on all walls. The important point is the correct amount of artwork. For a more detailed outlook on how to arrange art, kindly refer this article.

Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Paintings Hung on Living Room Wall.


Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Drawing Room Mirror


6. Use of mirrors in adding visual space.


If you were to consult the best architects and interior designers, they would probably put mirrors as one of the most ‘untapped potential’ architectural elements in modern interior decoration. This is because correct and judicious placement of mirrors can allow a space to be perceived to be larger than it actually is; mirrors also (if selected with a beautiful frame) serve as focal points of interest and can enhance the beauty of a space.

Here are some other benefits of using mirrors in your home.

7. Add an area rug / carpet.


Carpets are amazing.

Their importance is often understated but they in key situations often serve as make or break elements, if used correctly they can scale your design to new heights.

Area rugs / carpets help ground furniture groupings, define rooms, and add more interest to an area. Make sure that at least the feet of the furniture touch a part of the rug / carpet.

Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Fur Rug in Leisure Area


Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Bookshelf fitted along with TV Cabinet completes the overall look.


8. Use bookshelves.


Bookshelves have been a statement maker since times past, and are still relevant in the modern interior decoration realm. A well fitted and adorned bookshelf can sometimes add value and sophistication to your area that often expensive ornaments and statues cannot.

Bookshelves can be also treated as sculptural elements, and creative design of bookshelves can be used to enhance walls in the same way as paintings and artworks do.

9. Use wooden flooring.


Often times we are confused by which material to select for which area. Especially so is the decision for flooring. But, from our experience, we can tell you that:-

Wood floors are a blessing.

Wooden flooring makes spaces feel larger and often in modern interiors, where walls and ceilings are white in color, wood acts as a natural contrast and balances the visual weight of the entire area. The texture of the material itself is visually appealing and this makes it a staple in the list of most peoples’ “Modern Interior Decoration Selections”.

Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

Wooden flooring in Bedroom


Modern Interior Decoration Ideas for your Home

White Temperament Living Room


10. Paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors to help make the room feel larger.


As pointed out above in the case of light, color is also one of the 7 elements of interior design.

”Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso

If a room is very large and doesn’t feel comfortable, paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls to make it appear lower, thereby making the room feel cozier. Conversely, if space makes you feel claustrophobic, paint the ceiling a lighter color, which will raise the apparent height of the ceiling. As a result, the room will feel more spacious. You can also paint the ceilings of exterior spaces, such as the porch. A soft blue will give the illusion of the sky above.



There are a lot of modern interior decoration ideas, and while not all of them will be feasible for you personally, we hope that this article will in some way or form benefit you in decision making on the interiors of your home. Please keep in mind that all the above-mentioned ideas should be used to complement each other.

The keyword here is ‘visual balance’.

As long as a balance is maintained, these ideas will definitely help you in furthering your home interior design endeavors to even better heights.


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